Thursday, February 23, 2012

Vintage Coach Love

Recently I have been  obsessed with vintage Coach bags and since they are remaking many of them, they have become quite popular. Instead of paying $300 for the remakes I went thrift store shopping and found my Coach Willis on sale for $16! I decided I loved the Willis so much I needed another but this time I got the station bag which I found on CL for $10! Don't get me wrong they were both far from perfect but not completely trashed like some I have seen, so I was using the Willis as-is but I decided I was going to try some kind of leather care products to bring them back to life. I almost purchased the Coach leather conditioner but for some reason decided to wait, go home and research some. After an hour or so of researching I was pretty glad I had not taken the sa's advice and bought the Coach conditioner, it turns out that it contains silicone which can ruin the vintage bags. I then read many Coach forums and found that a conditioner by Apple was talked about A LOT and seemed to get great reviews with the Coach collectors. So, I bought it, I used it and I am actually quite happy with the results! The bags look (almost) new!



Sorry, I did not take before and after pictures of the black one but it was quite scuffed up on the front and in the picture you can see it looks pretty good. I am so happy I bought these and found a great leather conditioner for them. I think they are pieces I will keep for MANY years to come. Do you have a fav Coach bag?


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