Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The search for a perfect foundation and concealer..

I have been trying to find the right foundation for my skin type recently and cannot find one that is within a decent price range that I actually like. I have used mostly all of the Clinique foundations and although I did find one that was okay, I was not completely happy with it. I really do not like Bare Minerals, with my dry skin I feel like it just sticks to the flakiness and looks gross. I just recently purchased an Almay foundation I have yet to try, I am hoping it works well otherwise it is back to searching I go. 

As for concealer, I was using Clinique eye concealer but switched to MAC when it ran out. Lets just say I really dislike the MAC concealer, it does not give enough coverage and you need to use ALOT out of a very small tube. I am switching back to Clinique but I have to wonder if there is a better one out there, I was passed down the lovely dark circle gene and would LOVE to find an amazingly good circle concealer! Any suggestions out there?

Well on another note, this month is my second Glambag. I was not very happy with last months and choose not to write about it on here but I am hoping this months is better or I am afraid I will be cancelling my sub. just as I did with Birchbox. I will let you know what I think of the bag once it arrives!


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