Sunday, April 15, 2012

High Low Skirt DIY

I saw this skirt and I knew I HAD to have one, I could not find one that I liked so I decided to make one. All you need is a thrifted long skirt, scissors, a fabric pen, an iron, and hem tap. This is super easy but can get tricky when hemming the edge, just be patient. 

I am sorry I did not take photos of the whole process but it is pretty easy to explain. 

1. Gather supplies and sit at a flat surface where you can lay the skirt out flat. 

2. Before you sit down you want to try the skirt on and mark the length you want the front to be, make a mark right in the center of the front. 

3. You will no fold the skirt. You want to fold the skirt so it is side to side, the mark you just made will be in half. Once you have folded the skirt you want to draw out your tail, start from the front mark and go straight towards the back for about 4 inches then start to taper off towards the back. (this is what will give you your high-low hem)

4. Once you get the shape you want you will cut along the line you made in the last step, cutting all the way through so you are cutting both sides at the same time. 

5. now is where it gets tricky, try starting with one of the side hems and fold along the front making sure to keep the hem the same width, iron down. After you get the hem ironed in place, put in the hem tape between the folded fabric and press with iron. Continue around the skirt in this way until you are finished. 

Voila, you now have a cute new skirt! Mine cost me less than $10 but if you have any of these things on hand, the cost will be less.

I love my skirt and actually plan on making a few more, I just have to find the right style skirt at the thrift store. 

All done! 

On the hanger.

What it looks like on. 

Recently, I also made some cut off shorts. All I did was take some old jeans, cut them to length, and hem them with hem tape. I am thinking of distressing one of them but I did not have any steel wool. 




Finished product one, I may distress this one. 

And #2 I rolled them to give them an undone feel.
What do you think? I like the first pair but I think I cut them too short.. :( 

I am considering trying a peplum skirt too, if I ca find the right kind of skirt I need to do so.

Have a lovely day.


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