Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mall Mommy and me trip.

After watching Fashion Star for the first time last night, I fell in love with the dress that H&M bought, like I literally gasped when I saw it. So, today me and my little took a trip to the mall to 'play games at the arcade', before we went to play games we mad a pit stop and I looked all around the store for that little blue dress, when I found it I was not totally sure I loved it anymore..the blue was just not the same but I decided to try on the black instead, when I put it on..omg the fit is perfect, it is SO flattering and I love the pockets. Well I bought the dress and my little rushed me out of the store to the arcade, we played games and went on a ride. My day is complete. :) 

Does anyone else like any of the looks from Fashion Star that were or weren't bought by retailers?

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